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Stamps America UPAEP

Theme America UPAEP – America, Spain and Portugal stamps

Stamps Spain 1989 America UPAEP

Year 1989, series of 1 sell No. 2650 of the Catalog Yvert, value 1€. Inca culture, irrigation of corn.


Year 1990, series of 1 stamp in block of 4 No. 2695 of the Catalog Yvert, value 4.80€. Fauna – Birds – Birds

Topic stamp America UPAEP - rail transport

Year 2003, 1 stamp nº 3600 Catalog Yvert, value 1.50 €. Rail transport – steam locomotive Long Boiler ” Madrid” railway Madrid – Anranjuez. Railway Museum of Madrid.

Collection Timbres Espagne 2004 UPAEP

Year 2004,1 stamp and a block of 4 No. 3699 of the Catalog Yvert, value 2.25€ and 9 euros respectively. American theme UPAEP. Protection of the Environment.

Spain 2005 issue stamps UPAEP

Year 2005, 1 stamp and a block of 4 No. 3781 of the Catalog Yvert, value 2.50€ and 10€ respectively. Fight against poverty.

Stamps SPAIN 2007 UPAEP

Year 2007, of 1 stamp and a block of 4, No. 3966 of the Catalog Yvert, value 2.40€ and 9.60€ respectively. Education for All.

Stamps collection Spain 2008 America UPAEP

Year 2008, series of 1 stamps and a block 0f 4 No. 4064 of the Catalog Yvert, value 2.35€ and 9.40e respectively. 12 October national holiday.

seal of Spain- America UPAEP 2009

Year 2009, 1 stamp nº 4158 of the Catalog Yvet, value 2.50 €. Traditional Games – Cards in the deck spanish.