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Stamps Christmas Spain

Stamps Christmas Spain

Christmas stamps philately Spain 1985

Year 1985, series of 2 stamps, No. 2437 – 38 of Catalog Yvert, value 1.40€ . Christmas.

Spain 1989 Christmas Stamps Collection

Year 1989, series of 2 stamps no. 42651 – 42 of Catalog Yvert, value 1.40€. Christmas

Christmas stamps philately Spain 2000

Year 2000, series of 2 stamps and 2 blocks of 2, No. 3336 – 37 the Catalog Yvert, value 2e and 8€ respectively. Christmas. Joint issue with Germany.

Christmas Stamps Spain 2004

Year 2004, 2 seals and 2 block of 4 No. 3707 – 8 of the Catalog Yvert, value 2.25€ and 9€ respectively.Christmas. Belen Napolitano of the XVIII century in the National Museum of Munich. Natividad, canvas of Juan M. Cossio.

Spain 2005 Christmas stamps

Year 2005, 2 stamps and a block of 4 No. 3791-92 of the Catalog Yvert, value 2.25€ and 9€ respectively. Adoration of the Magi of painters Francisco Ribalta and Paul Garcia Lopez “Alexis”