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Stamps Transport Spain

sellos transporte España

Transport: stamps of trains, planes, boats, buses, cars, motorbikes, cars, bicycles.

In this category you can find all kinds of stamps related topics with the transport.

Stamps of trains by continents: stamps trains Europe, stamps trains America, stamps trains Asia, stamps trains Africa, stamps trains Australi

Planes, Boatsbuses, cars, Motorcycles, bicycles.

Stamps Collection four stamps Philatelic Exhibition Spain - America 1987

Year 1987, Sprig Bloc nº 36 of the Catalog Yvert, value 6 €. Philatelic Exhibition Spain and America ” ESPANER 87″ in La Coruña. Reasons: Charter prefilatelica of the eighteenth century from La Coruña with intended Havana, views of the port of La Coruña, engraving of the nineteenth century, views of the harbor of Havana, engraving of the eighteenth century and Post of the Indies, based on a painting by González de Alero.

Stamps boat Spain 1992

Year 1992, HB 48 of Catalog Yvert, value 2€. V Centenary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.

Spanish stamps vintage boats I

Year 1995, HB 63 – 64 of the Catalog Yvert, value 5€.Spanish ships of the time I.

Philatelic stamps 75 First Anniversary of the Spanish Aviation Flights

Year 2001, Sprig bloc nº 96 Catalog Yvert, value 10 €. Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the first flights of Spanish aviation.

Two seals of the 75th Anniversary of the airline Iberia 2002

Year 2002, 2 stamps nº 3475 – 76 of the Catalog Yvert, value 2.25 € .Commemorates the 75th Anniversary of the first flight with Iberia Aviation.

4-stamp block of 100 Years of the Royal Automobile Spain

Year 2003,Sprig bloc nº 117 of the Catalog Yvert, value 12 €. Commemorates the Centenary of the Royal Automobile Club of Spain ( R.A. C. E). Reasons: 1er seal Dodge Dart Barreiro (1965), 2nd Seat 600 (1957), 3rd Hispano Suiza 20/30 HP (1907) and 4th Pegaso Z – 102 (1951).

Stamps Spain 2004 expedition

Year 2004,1 stamp and a block of 4 No. 3710 of the Catalog Yvert,value 2.50€ and 10€ respectively. Bicentenary of the Real Issue of the Smallpox Vaccine,in the New World. Recorded.

1st Centennial stamp Spanish flight

Year 2009, 1 stamp nº 4143 of the Catalog Yvert, value 1 €. Commemorates the Centenary of the first powered flight in Spain with the viplano Oliver – Brunet, controlled by John Oliver Serra, of the year on 5 September 1909.

trains stamps Spain 2015

Year 2015, series of 1 stamp and 1 block of 4, No. 4716 of the Catalog Yvert, value 2.70€ and 10.80€ respectively. Trains. 150 anniversary of the railway Tarragona – Martorell in Catalonia – Spain.

sellos transporte España

Año 2011, HB 200 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 8€. Centenario de la Aviación Militar Española 1911 – 2011: helicóptero aéreo espacial SA – 332 “Super Puma”, avión Caza – 101 “Aviojet”, Lockheed C/KC 130 “Hércules” y Eurofighter EF – 2000 “Tifón”

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